Dr. Tomislav Krzysztof Nöla (drnola) wrote in eskimofilms,
Dr. Tomislav Krzysztof Nöla

Out now on Disques de Lapin...

Fronted by Dustin T. Rooney (Dustmuffin & the Aluminum Cans, "To The Wolves..."), The Universes debut with a consise and powerful collection of far out space anthems. Pay special attention to the epic "Anything's Impossible", the mournful "Metatron" and the intergalactic "Semi-automagic" for starters. The 10 new tracks come in a blue 7" record sleeve with artwork on a silk-screened CD-R. Available from eskimofilms.com and discerning shops worldwide on disc or digital download.

1. Lezbionique
2. Semi-automagic (sample)
3. Face the Sensation
4. Metatron (sample)
5. Being in Space (sample)
6. Happy Kitty
7. Being in Space (instrumental)
8. Nova-Boss
9. That's Not Your Wife, She's a Killing Machine
10. Anything's Impossible (sample)

31 min

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